Are You?

Take the short quiz below and find out!

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“In Order to Have Good Neighbors,

We Must Also Be Good Neighbors.”

  1. Have you met your next door neighbors?
  2. Do you know the people in your neighborhood’s names?
  3. Do you greet your neighbors as you pass by?
  1. Do you have your neighbors’ phone numbers, in case of emergency?
  2. If your neighbor’s mail comes to your house by accident, do you take it to them?
  3. Do you help your neighbor when you see them in need?
  1. Are you cautious of the noise you make and how it might affect those in your neighborhood?
  2. Have you helped shovel or plow walkways or common areas to keep people from slipping?
  3. Do you burn dry, seasoned wood to ensure you and your neighbor are breathing healthier air?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, nice work on being a good neighbor! Interior Alaska is not an easy place to live, but with the help of neighbors, we can make it a community we are proud to share.


Are You?

Alaska Can Be a Tough Place to Live

But Neighbors and Friends Make This a Community Worth Living In.

Here are some tools to help you know more about the air around you and your neighbors:

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